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The 25 Best Things To Do In St. Louis With Kids

Whether you’re a St. Louis native or just visiting for a few days, there are PLENTY of things to do in St. Louis with kids. And a bonus? Lots of these incredible and interactive attractions are 100 percent free! It’d be impossible to list everything for the little ones to see and do in and around the Gateway City, so we narrowed it down to our top 25 (in no particular order). Have fun!


  1. Have a “Hair-Raising” Experience At The Magic House – Plenty to see and do at The Magic House, but your trip isn’t complete without an Instagrammable post from the electrically-charged metal ball!
  2. Visit the Penguins At The St. Louis Zoo – You’ll see plenty of wildlife during your FREE trip to the Zoo, but the Penguin and Puffin Coast has always been a fan favorite.
  3. Build An Arch At The St. Louis Science Center – Take a stab at building a scale replica of St. Louis’ most iconic structure.
  4. Say Hi To Lord Stanley At the St. Louis Aquarium – Forever celebrating the 2019 Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, this rare blue lobster is one of the aquarium’s most talked about attractions.
  5. Go Down The BIG Slide At The City Museum – From ten stories up, you could take the stairs or elevator back down…but where’s the fun in that?
  6. Feed The Baby Goats At Grant’s Farm – Anything cuter than your youngster bottle feeding a baby goat? Nope.
  7. Drive The Moon Cars At Six Flags – Give Mom and Dad a break from their chauffeur responsibilities and take them for a spin for once.
  8. Climb On The Turtles At Forest Park – Spend the afternoon scaling the giant turtle statues and maybe enjoy a Forest Park picnic afterwards.
  9. Meet Fredbird and Cheer the Cards At Busch Stadium – It’s not summer in St. Louis without a trip to the ballpark.
  10. Order ANYTHING At Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard – For real. Anything.
  11. Take the Journey To the Top of The Arch – You’re not really going to leave St. Louis without seeing it from 630 feet in the air, are you?
  12. Walk Through The Butterfly House – Stroll among more than 2,000 butterflies and witness “the miracle of metamorphosis.”
  13. Meet the Clydesdales At the Budweiser Brewery – Just leave the beer sampling to Mom and Dad.
  14. Visit Laumeier Sculpture Park – Get lost (but not too lost) in this combination of nature walk, art museum, and playground!
  15. Ride The Wheel At Union Station – One of St. Louis’ newest attractions is also one of its most popular!
  16. Meremec Caverns – Too hot or cold outside? Meremec Caverns stays at a cool 60 degrees all year round.
  17. Cool Off At City Garden – Fountains, pools, and splash pads make for a “cool” Downtown experience for kids of all ages.
  18. Split A Pie At Imo’s Pizza – All this sightseeing and you’re bound to work up an appetite.
  19. Tour The Solar System At The Loop – Get your steps in with The Loop’s GIANT scale model of the Solar System (not 4.5 billion kilometers, but still pretty big).
  20. Milk A Cow At Purina Farms – That’s right. A REAL cow!
  21. See A Bald Eagle At The World Bird Sanctuary – And meet the people who are helping to protect and rehabilitate these endangered creatures.
  22. Dig for Dinosaur Bones At Myseum – You’ll find plenty of fun attractions here, so make sure you try them all!
  23. Learn About Conservation at the Missouri Botanical Gardens – Enjoy a day among some of nature’s most beautiful plants and flowers.
  24. Go Apple Picking At Eckert’s – Or pumpkin picking or strawberry picking or Christmas tree chopping depending on the time of the year. It’s always a fun time at Eckert’s.
  25. Explore and Create at the Museum of Transportation – Youngsters can explore cars, trucks, trains, and more in a hands-on and fun way.

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